martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

En familia

Este video de CNN sobre las medidas de Obama respecto a los viajes a Cuba entra en el marco casi de lo familiar: en él aparecen entrevistas a dos buenos amigos, el músico Paquito D’Rivera y el pintor Geandy Pavón. Y por si fuera poco Geandy aparece pintando un retrato de mi hijo. [H/T:]

Abajo la transcripción del video:

SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Grammy Award-winning musician Paquito D'Rivera defected from Cuba 28 years ago. Painter Geandy Pavon left a more than a decade ago after his father, a political prisoner, was released from jail and granted a visa. Yet, both artists hold different views about a recently lifted travel ban for Cuban-Americans to visit family on the island.

D'Rivera says despite the joy unlimited visits can bring, it is wrong, unless the Castro government changes.

PAQUITO D'RIVERA, MUSICIAN: Lifting sanctions, you know, to such a horrible and cruel and long-lasting regime, it's like, you know, taking the kids that fail everything in the school and then you take them to Disneyland.

CANDIOTTI: Despite that exile view, President Obama's decision to wipe out three-year restrictions imposed by the Bush administration has charter flights soaring. One Miami company, CNT Charters, reports more than three times the passengers heading to Cuba last month, compared to April a year ago.

A recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll shows overwhelming support, 64 to 34 percent, for lifting a travel ban to Cuba so every American can go there. Painter Pavon applauds taking a step in that direction.

GEANDY PAVON, ARTIST: Obama is calling the bluff on the Castro's regime.

CANDIOTTI: Easing the travel ban for family visits he hopes will chip away at Castro government policies. As a painter, he says he has had his work confiscated.

PAVON: Morally, it's good for the United States to show like what Obama is doing, that he is willing to have a conversation.

CANDIOTTI: But Paquito D'Rivera argues, so far, it's a one-way conversation.

D'RIVERA: What type of business? I give you everything and you give me nothing. Watch out, President Obama.

CANDIOTTI: For Pavon, it's one step at a time.

PAVON: For me, it's very hard to think that there is no hope. I prefer to think there is hope.

CANDIOTTI: Two portraits of Cuban exiles, who share a hope for change -- but disagree on how to get there.

(on camera): What a treat.

(voice-over): Susan Candiotti, CNN, Union City, New Jersey.

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lapiz y nube dijo...

Muy de acuerdo con Geandy!

Anónimo dijo...

me sumo, yo tambien prefiero ver una esperanza, se que lo que dice el paqui man es la realidad pero la politica es como un juego de pelota, Obama mando la bola para la habana, si ellos deciden un toque de bola o poncharse a proposito pensando que estan haciendo bien el juego, ok pero las gradas no lo perdonan.

Anónimo dijo...

en el comentario anterior no salio mi firma pues lo hice desde otra computadora y no habia hecho log in, eso no lo perdono.
el teju

Anónimo dijo...

Ese Paquito no tiene mas celebro que pa chupar el saxo.