miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Video Cubano

Ayer se inauguró en Nueva York la exposición Video Cubano en el 8th Floor Space 17 West 17th Street 8th Floor New York City. Esta contó con la participación de los artistas cubanos Jeosviel Abstengo Chaviano, Anália Amaya, Alexandre Arrechea, Sandra Ceballos, Ángel Delgado, Humberto Diaz, Adonis Flores, Luís Garcíga, Celia González + Yunior Aguiar, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Hamlet Lavastida, Ernesto Leal, Glenda León, Jorge Luís Marrero, Maikel Lorenzo Pimental Marrero, Duniesky Martín, José Mesías Jorge, Geandy Pavón, Angel Ramírez, Lázaro Saavedra y Andrei Vorojbitov.

En una suerte de declaración de intenciones de la exposición se dice:

Shelley and Donald Rubin are proud to announce Video Cubano, a juried exhibition of video works from artists based in Cuba that explores a dynamic contemporary world through the lens of Cuban culture. A reception and viewing will be held for Video Cubano on October 12th from 6 - 9 pm in the Rubin's new private exhibition and event space. The reception will also celebrate the closing of the inaugural exhibition Recent Acquisitions: From the Shelley & Donald Rubin Private Collection.

Video Cubano was conceived in response to the Guggenheim's YouTube-based global call for video art. Residents of US sanctioned countries- Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe are unable to participate due to the restrictions created by the embargo. In an effort to support the original vision of the global call, in August 2010 Curator of the Rubin Private Collection, Rachel Weingeist invited artists in Cuba to submit video pieces to Video Cubano, either by mail, drop off in Havana or uploaded to the internet. The final screening will be juried by a panel of both American and Cuban art professionals, critics and curators and will be displayed at the 8th Floor Space as well as shared online at www.videocubano.org.

As collectors of contemporary Cuban art, Shelley and Donald Rubin are dedicated to providing opportunities for Cuban artists as well as preserving the rich culture of the island. Video Cubano aims to expand the American audience for Cuban artists, as restrictions enforced by both the US and Cuba remain in place.

Video Cubano will feature works by established and emerging Cuban artists.

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