jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Los yumas hacen su evaluación

Como quiera que es exagerado deducir toda una política exterior desde unos cuantos cables es por lo menos interesante esta visión sobre la situación cubana. Aquí el resumen del cable que trata del tema cortesía de Wikileaks:

Without some true epiphany among the opposition leadership and a lessening in official repression of its activities, the traditional dissident movement is not likely to supplant the Cuban government. The dissidents have, and will continue to perform, a key role in acting as the conscience of Cuba and deserve our support in that role. But we will need to look elsewhere, including within the government itself, to spot the most likely successors to theCastro regime. 

Y las conclusiones son más o menos estas:

We believe it is the younger generation of "non-traditional dissidents," such as Yoanny Sanchez, that is likely to have a greater long term impact on post-Castro Cuba. However, the most likely immediate successors to the Castro regime will probably come from within the middle ranks of the government itself. We do not know yet who might eventually rise to leadership positions in place of the old guard from within the government. The recent purge of younger officials like former Vice President Lage and former Foreign Minister Perez Roque must have given pause to any in that cadre who had considered thinking out loud about the future. Still, we believe we must try to expand our contacts within Cuban society on leadership and democracy initiatives as broadly as possible. We also must continue to open up Cuba to the information age through measures such as those announced on April 13, to facilitate and encourage the younger generations of Cubans seeking greater freedom and opportunity.

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Eap! La Yoani for president! Secretario de Estado: Bustos...

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